Refrigeration Design

  • Central Ammonia Design

    Vast experience in the design of both new central ammonia systems and modifications to existing ammonia systems. Whether your system is 100 Tons or 4,000 Tons, we’ve been there and done that!

  • HCFC (Freon) and Replacement Refrigerants

    We’ve designed both packaged (split system) and central HCFC refrigeration systems. As replacement refrigerants take over the market, we also stand ready to assist you in your conversions to R-134, R-404 or R-407.

  • Coolers-Freezers-Process-Blast Freezers

    Accommodating a variety of plant loads, through the refrigeration system, is not new to us. If your needs are process load oriented, such as chillers, spirals, blast freezers or process room cooling, we can meet those needs with our unique refrigeration designs. If your needs are for more storage cooler and/or freezer space, we can provide the appropriate refrigeration system to meet your needs and your budget.

  • Underfloor Heating Systems

    Most rooms run below +32 require some form of underfloor warming. We’ve designed electric resistant heat, forced air vent tubes and glycol underfloor warming systems to accommodate all room layouts and sizes utilizing waste heat from the refrigeration system.

  • Trouble-shooting

    From time-to-time every refrigeration system has its glitch. Due to our vast experience in both central ammonia and packaged HCFC systems we should be your first call for assistance in hunting down that glitch.

  • Refrigeration Control Systems

    Because we have in-house controls expertise, we stand ready to provide you with the most user-friendly control system for your refrigeration needs. Whether we’re building your control system from scratch or integrating with a system you already have, you can be sure the end product will fit your needs.

WEBBER/SMITH Associates, Inc., AE Design, Inc. and EA Design Concepts, Inc., currently provide Engineering and Architectural services in those states in which they are authorized. WEBBER/SMITH Associates, Inc.,  AE Design, Inc.,  EA Design Concepts, Inc. are not licensed to directly provide Structural Engineering services in the State of Illinois. Structural Engineering services can be provided through our Illinois licensed Structural design partners.