Spring Cleaning

You may not have new additions coming up, but there ARE some things to consider!

How about having a consultant like us come in and audit/inspect all existing buildings and create a report outlining key areas? The punch list could include topics such as:

  • Identify food safety issues with equipment, surrounding building deficiencies and needed repairs, in order to reduce risk of food contamination and recalls.
  • Identify systems to backup and create redundancy to limit product loss and shutdowns.
  • Look for building safety issues to reduce the risk of staff injuries.
  • Look for damage to building infrastructure that can degrade facilities and operations and/or create safety issues.
  • Identify equipment and material finishes lifespan issues and future planning for improvements.
  • Review any/all automation to increase production output and reduce staff.
  • Generate a report of findings, and recommended solutions!

This is all “preventative maintenance” with the intent to identify issues within YOUR current facilities to increase food safety, building safety, improve maintenance and production capabilities.

Think about it!