Electrical Engineering

  • Consulting Services

    Our engineering and design staff has vast experience in the design and analyses of power distribution systems. We can provide you with analyses and subsequent solutions to your current system operating constraints, issues and/or future expansion needs. Through the use of computerized modeling and analysis of your distribution system, we can provide detailed analyses and documentation of your existing facility electrical power distribution system infrastructure and operating conditions. The results of these analyses then can be utilized to identify system operating constraints, anomalies, code compliance, and system capabilities so that proper, cost effective solutions can be offered.

  • Design Services

    Our staff will design your electrical systems utilizing the most up to date equipment technologies and design practices to produce innovative solutions to your electrical needs. Our designs will be performed in strict compliance to all governing codes and consideration will be made to the future needs of your facility. Whether we design your power distribution system, lighting systems, fire alarm systems, communication systems and/or gas monitoring systems, you can count on us to provide you with a technically sound, cost effective system design.

  • Construction Inspection and Commissioning Services

    Our services to you don’t end with the production of construction drawings. During the construction phase of your project, we will ensure that the contractor(s) who procure and/or install your electrical system components are doing so in compliance with the intent of the construction documents, governing codes and good trade practice. We will identify non-compliance items and recommend the corrective procedures to be implemented.

    Once these systems have been installed and verified for compliance with the construction documents, we will ensure that each system is operating properly to achieve the intent of our design.

  • USDA, FDA, Facility ComplianceDesign

    Proactive application of leading edge materials and methods of construction; satisfying hygenic requirements of review agencies

  • Cold Storage Design Expertise

    On going commitment to providing a design utilizing effective methods and material to maintain the specific environment of cold storage functions

WEBBER/SMITH Associates, Inc., AE Design, Inc. and EA Design Concepts, Inc., currently provide Engineering and Architectural services in those states in which they are authorized. WEBBER/SMITH Associates, Inc.,  AE Design, Inc.,  EA Design Concepts, Inc. are not licensed to directly provide Structural Engineering services in the State of Illinois. Structural Engineering services can be provided through our Illinois licensed Structural design partners.