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Electrical Engineering

We know that you need power and controls to make your facility operate. And we know that you want to use as little power as possible and as efficiently as possible.  That’s where we our electrical engineering team comes in!  Our experienced electrical associates will design your electrical systems utilizing the most up-to-date equipment technologies and design practices to produce innovative solutions to your electrical needs.  Our designs are performed in strict compliance with all governing codes and with consideration to the future needs of your facility.

Electrical Systems Design

Whether we design your power distribution system, lighting systems, fire alarm system, communication systems, gas monitoring systems, lightning protection system, and/or emergency power generation system, you can count on us to provide you with a technically sound, cost-effective, energy efficient electrical system design.

Electrical Systems Analysis

So you only need a power system analysis?  No problem!  Through the use of computerized modeling and analysis of your distribution system, we will provide a detailed analysis and documentation of your existing facility electrical power distribution system infrastructure and operating conditions. The results of this analysis will identify system operating constraints, anomalies, code compliance issues, and system capabilities so that proper, cost effective solutions can be recommended.

Low Temp and Food-Safe Designs

We routinely incorporate our food-safe electrical designs into low temperature, wet, and other potentially hazardous environments. We understand your need to wash down production rooms and the impact of high pressure water being used around electrical devices. We also recognize the risks associated with potentially hazardous dust and other flammable environments. We know that our designs need to stand up to your sanitary requirements, your low temperature production requirements, and other potentially hazardous conditions. It’s what we do every day!