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Low Temperature Design

We’ve seen it all in our years of experience: from condensation in production areas, to frost around freezer openings, to light fixtures in production spaces filled with water.  Such are the problems that arise if vapor barriers are not maintained and openings are not managed in low temperature design.  Many of our clients have low temperature rooms and these rooms bring unique design challenges.

Temperature Transition Details

Vapor Pressure

Many of our clients must deal with temperature differences between warm production spaces and cold production spaces, between dock areas and freezer areas, and at locations where conveyors penetrate walls between production areas and packaging areas. Every location where there is a temperature difference, there is a vapor pressure difference that will create condensation/frost if not treated properly.  We realize this during the design phase and provide the details to mitigate these issues.

Condensation Control

Attention to Details

We’ve honed our design details to work in low temperature design.  Whether it’s managing air pressure between refrigerated spaces, sealing conduits that penetrate walls between freezers and docks, sealing of wall panel vapor barriers, or keeping freezer floors from heaving, we’ve seen enough of other people’s problems to know how to fix your issue and/or design it correctly from the start.

Vapor Barrier Tie-In
IMP Penetration Detail