Prepared Foods/Produce Manufacturing Plants:

Comprehensive Engineering and Building Design

At The WEBBER/SMITH Group, we excel in shaping the future of facility design and engineering for the Prepared Food and Produce market. Each operation carries its unique signature, influenced by its specific product range, which significantly affects the workflow from raw material intake to final product dispatch. We recognize the critical need to grasp the distinct objectives and requirements of every client we collaborate with. Our team of expert engineers and designers is finely attuned to the factors that contribute to our clients’ achievements.

Our engineering expertise spans a broad spectrum of clients within the prepared food and produce industry. Whether it’s crafting gourmet salads, ready-to-eat meals, fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, or specialty food items, WEBBER/SMITH’s knowledge guarantees a deep understanding of every production phase. We are dedicated to designing facilities and systems that facilitate the production of a wide array of foods, focusing on maintaining a food-safe environment. This approach allows us to effectively meet the varied demands of the entire prepared food and produce market.