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Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering staff are experts in the wide range of mechanical systems required to create food-safe environments for food and beverage processing and distribution facilities as well as appropriate mechanical systems and environments for pharmaceutical and general industrial facilities. We are proficient at designing HVAC Systems (Industrial, Hygienic, Commercial), Industrial Ventilation Systems (Dust Collection, Fume Abatement, and Specialty, eg. Ripening Rooms), Above-Floor and Under-Floor Plumbing Systems (Process and Sanitary), Central Plant Distribution Systems (Compressed Air and Specialty Gases, Steam and Hot Water, Potable Water, Chilled Water and Glycol) and specifying Fire Protection Systems (Wet/Dry/Pre-Action and Inert Gas/Dry Chemical).

Mechanical Engineering Systems Analysis

If you don’t need new mechanical systems, but are having nagging problems with your existing utilities, we are happy to provide problem-solving studies of existing equipment and utilities.  We visit your facility and gather all the pertinent data needed for our analysis and then offer you practical solutions in a comprehensive report.

Mechanical Systems Plant Air Balance

Balancing the air in a production facility can be tricky.  Most production facilities have a combination of intake fans and exhaust fans/exhaust hoods.  Combine the intake/exhaust with production space air handlers that provide plant air filtration and washdown exhaust, and you have a complex air balance situation.  Our balanced air design incorporates the unique details associated with low temperature air ductwork, duct insulation, and vapor barriers, along with access for sanitation and inspection of these air carrying devices that supply your food-safe spaces.

Fire Protection

Protecting your investment requires the installation of fire protection systems.  We work closely with you to determine which type of fire suppression system is best suited for your facility.  We always take into account items such as your rack stacking height, type of packaging materials, type of product, and how the riser rooms affect your plant layout.  Additionally, we need to understand the water supply pressure to your facility.  Protecting your investment is our utmost concern.

Central Plant and Process Utilities

Our mechanical engineering staff is keenly aware that your facility needs other utilities to operate efficiently and reliably.  We work closely with you to determine your needs related to compressed air, natural gas, specialty gases, chilled water/glycol, steam (including sanitary steam), hose stations, RO and softened water, and hot and cold water.