Material Handling Optimization

Optimization – the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource.

Are you limited by your building size, yet find yourself needing to grow your production and storage capabilities? Are you struggling to fulfill your customers’ orders because you are limited by your available resources (too few storage tanks, too few or inflexible production lines, inadequate storage space or insufficient dock doors)? That is where we come in! With our team, including our MH partners, working closely with you, we want to know your business as well as you do. We want to help you understand not only the operational bottle necks, but also the opportunities for improvement through optimization and efficiency.

Our team will start with an analysis of your Warehouse and Transportation Operations (purchasing, receiving, inventory management, storage, and shipping). This analysis will identify material handling options and storage media (conventional, mechanized, automated, or a combination) most suited to design your operation.

The next step is to analyze your manufacturing operations to determine Lean Manufacturing alternatives such as de-coupling lines to provide flexibility in production and mapping material flow. We employ Six Sigma and Kaizen principles in the studies.

Our years of experience across a broad spectrum of clients allows us to bring a unique perspective to your challenges. Our unbiased consulting services and optimization studies result in increased productivity and efficiency, reduced operational expenses, improved order accuracy and quality of customer service. Through our optimization studies, we can help identify areas of improvement in your material handling processes and operational procedures to meet your needs. Your first step to improving your response to your customers is to collaborate with us to develop the optimal path forward.