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Food Safety Consulting

In a world where food-related illness reports travel quickly across the internet and social media, it is of utmost importance to understand where food facilities can harbor pathogens and/or allow vermin intrusion.  Although this seems like a new topic, we’ve been in the food safety business since 1978 and we know where “bugs” hide.  We offer food safety consulting to the food and beverage industry.  We contend that it is better for us to prevent, find and correct any issues before they show up on social media.

Preemptive Food-Safe Design

We prefer to be preemptive and design all of our clients’ facilities from a cleanable, food-safe perspective.  Whether it be the type of flooring we design, the types of doors selected, how your employees move through the facility or how air is filtered and balanced in the building, our preemptive designs eliminate the problem areas in food-safe facilities.

Investigative Consulting

We know that our clients sometimes acquire “slightly used” facilities and need to have some investigative work done.  We happily step in and provide building surveys that focus on improving food safety.  Whether it is finding those areas that are hard to clean or addressing condensation formation on walls and ceilings, we know where to look.  And once found, we can solve your sanitation or condensation problem.