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Building & Site Evaluations

No site. No problem. Working closely with our civil partners, we help many of our clients with building & site evaluations and feasibility studies. The importance of proper site analysis and selection cannot be overestimated. The availability and proximity of site utilities, site contours, and site access, all have an impact on your building’s final design. We are eager to assist you in your site selection, from generating conceptual site layouts and overall master planning layouts, to modeling how your building will fit and look on the proposed sites.


We can develop efficient, cost effective plans and prepare detailed contract documents including: site grading plans, utility plans, storm water management plans, erosion and sedimentation control plans, railroad siding plans and other related details.


And as the project progresses, we happily coordinate permitting efforts, complete submittal forms and prepare supporting documentation to obtain all required municipal, State and Federal permits. Typical land use permitting efforts include land development planning, zoning permit, driveway or highway occupancy permitting and utility extensions. Typical environmental permitting efforts relate to storm water management, floodplains, stream encroachments, wetlands, and erosion and sedimentation control.