OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) / EPA Risk Management Planning (RMP) Programs

Most of our clients utilize the natural, non-ozone depleting, environmentally friendly refrigerant, ammonia.  When the system design requires more than 10,000 pounds of ammonia charge, both OSHA and the EPA get interested.  At this threshold, both agencies require preparedness plans known as OSHA’s PSM (Process Safety Management) and the EPA’s RMP (Risk Management Plan).  We actively assist our clients with their regulatory needs for both of these programs.  Whether your needs are for something as simple as a compliance audit or as complex as the development of full programs, we can help.  And we don’t develop the program in a vacuum and then dump it on your lap.  We strive to involve you, the owner, in the program development because it is your program, and you must know how to work with it and understand it after the project is complete.  Let us know how we can help you in your understanding of these complex programs.