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Structural Engineering

The “bones” of your process/distribution facility is the structural frame. Keeping your building grounded is the job of the foundations. In the food and beverage processing and distribution industry there are unique challenges with structural engineering. That’s where we can help.

Low Temperature Design

Our diverse experience with low and medium temperature building design makes us uniquely qualified to understand expansion/contraction, temperature gradients along columns sitting on foundations, and joists and girders penetrating different room temperatures. Our Structural Engineering professionals take all of these factors into consideration, along with location specific seismic zone requirements, wind shear factors, and snow load factors into designing structures that will stand the test of time.

Process Area Design

Many of our clients have washdown chemicals that we need to consider when selecting structural components and designing production platforms.  Our designs incorporate chemical resistance, where needed, and smooth, washable surfaces in food-safe production spaces.

Unique Design Loads

We are intimately familiar with the ancillary loads that are placed on refrigerated building structures such as walk-on ceilings, conveyors, process and utility piping, and vibrating and shaking equipment.  Many of our clients also have large product storage silos or extremely tall buildings with multiple production levels that make our structural designs unique and special.  We have completed these structural specialty engineering designs across all segments of the food industry.

Whether you need structural steel design, pre-cast or cast-in-place concrete design, foundations and concrete slab design, or a review/analysis of existing facilities for new additions or modifications we can support you.