Forensic Expert Witness

When the need for a third-party engineering expert arises, we stand ready.  We understand that we live in a litigious society and often our clients need an unbiased and professional opinion.  Our forensic and expert witness services have helped many clients in the food industry sort through the details, analyze the accusations of others and formulate detailed analyses and responses to other experts.  We stand confidently by your side during these stressful times and provide the proof you need to state your case expertly and precisely.

Whether you need our expert help in structural issues, mechanical system issues, refrigeration system issues or processing system issues, we have experience to help.

Structurally we understand the design concerns associated with the varieties of roof-top equipment and piping weights found on the roof of all food processing and storage facilities.

Mechanically, we understand the loads, line sizing and equipment sizing associated with processing and storage facilities. And if these systems are not sized properly, we can help ascertain where the short falls lie.

Refrigeration systems can be complex, and loads vary within food processing facilities. These fluctuating loads can cause unforeseen problems with refrigeration systems. We design and understand these fluctuation loads and can help ascertain where the system shortages are located within the operation refrigeration equipment.

Processing plants have many locations where bacteria can grow and contaminate the food being processed. We have worked intimately with clients that have experienced bacteria problems, product recalls and other process plant problems that have ended in litigation. Our years of experience in low temperature food processing plants has made us the perfect choice to help your defense and investigation needs.