Bakery Manufacturing Plants:

Comprehensive Engineering and Building Designs

At WEBBER/SMITH, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of bakery manufacturing plant design and engineering. Every bakery has its own character, shaped by its particular selection of products, which naturally impacts the operational workflows from the initial stages to the final stages of production. We acknowledge the importance of understanding the unique goals and needs of each bakery we work with. Our skilled team of engineers and designer experts is keenly aware of the elements that drive our clients’ success.

Our engineering experience extends to a wide range of bakery product customers. From those creating artisan breads and breakfast cereals to cookies, desserts, and pizzas, WEBBER/SMITH’s experience ensures that every step of production is understood. We help design the facilities and systems that support the creation of foods like snack bars, muffins, snack cakes, sweet goods, and tortillas with an emphasis on creating a food safe environment. By doing so, it comprehensively addresses the diverse needs of the entire bakery sector.