Mechanical Engineering Services

  • Equipment Sizing and Layout

    Meetings with client and plant staff, detail equipment sizing and layout. Coordinate the best workable system in the space allocated.

  • Feasibility Studies

    Problem solving studies of existing equipment and utilities. Determine different alternatives to meet the clients needs and budget. Utilize existing utilities and structures where applicable, to reduce cost of each project.

  • Systems Design Utilizing Codes and Specifications

    Design required systems implementing local codes and plant specifications. Use existing utilities where quantities are available and make recommendations where additional quantities are required for new system or to meet local codes and plant specifications.

  • USDA, FDA, Facility Compliance Design

    Webber/Smith will always follow these guide lines in all of their design of systems and equipment to meet both of these requirements

WEBBER/SMITH Associates, Inc., AE Design, Inc. and EA Design Concepts, Inc., currently provide Engineering and Architectural services in those states in which they are authorized. WEBBER/SMITH Associates, Inc.,  AE Design, Inc.,  EA Design Concepts, Inc. are not licensed to directly provide Structural Engineering services in the State of Illinois. Structural Engineering services can be provided through our Illinois licensed Structural design partners.