Hershey’s Ice Cream

Hershey’s Ice Cream Manufacturing Expansion


When they built a high-rise storage freezer to support their ongoing op- erations in the late 1990’s, Hershey Creamery Company made plans for the future, envisioning the need for a Production Facilty to augment and eventually replace their existing facility in downtown Harrisburg, PA. In 2016, The Creamery asked WEBBER/SMITH Associates, Inc. to help them make their plans a reality.

The WEBBER/SMITH Group of branded companies are independent service providers to the domestic and interna- tional food & beverage industry. We provide building design, engineering, facility planning, process, packaging, re- frigeration, material handling and long term operation solutions. Our expertise is backed by field and operations ex- perience, licensed professional engineers, and experience across a diverse sector of food processing industries.

Twenty years after making plans and preparations for a new manufacturing facility, Hershey Creamery met with WEBBER/SMITH to update original concepts for a Manufacturing Addition to their Middletown, PA facility. After veri- fying the practicality and developing conceptual building and site plans, WEBBER/SMITH proceeded to develop full design documents for a 174,000 SF addition to their high-rise storage freezer facility located in Middletown, PA. The first phase of the addition includes 117,000 SF of manufacturing, storage and support space and 57,000 SF of main office and employee space.

Planned future additions will add more manufacturing space and eventually raw milk receiving and processing facili- ties, making the Middletown location independent of the Harrisburg plant.


  • WEBBER/SMITH conducted a Building & Site Feasibility Study to update origi- nal Concepts
  • Design/Bid services included full Criteria & Detailed Design
  • Following permitting, WEBBER/SMITH is providing Construction Follow-Up Services to the local General Contractor
  • WEBBER/SMITH coordinated Hershey Creamery’s Process & Packaging and other Owner-provided equipment re- quirements, and oversaw the develop- ment of a Process Waste Water Pre- treatment Facility